Thursday, January 13, 2011

How many miles did you ride last year??

Did you ride enough miles last year? Are you sitting home now with snow piled up along the driveway where just a month or two ago you parked your bike, wishing you had ridden that day the weatherman was wrong and it didn't rain? Or the day that was a bit chilly that you drove your cage instead or manning up and riding?

I myself am rather happy with my miles last year. I rode in the rain (like heading home from South Haven Fire Fest in a bad thunderstorm. I stayed just in front of the worst of it!) I froze my butt off more than a few times.

For me, my bike is not something that sits in the garage and gets polished every weekend before a 1 hour ride. No, for me it is how I get around most of the year. It is an expression of my freedom to enjoy the ride to work, or to the bank, or just taking a ride in the country with my girl.

I look back on my spring, summer and fall of riding and have very few regrets. There were a couple of days where I could have ridden instead of caging it, but for the most part, I rode every day I could.

Then there is Short Bus. The man is an animal when it comes to riding! He has logged more miles than anyone else in the chapter last year. He has even been out a number of times this winter.

So, I tip my hat to the Short Bus. I hope to ride as many or more miles than you this year!

As soon as the snow is gone. Damn, you have a head start on me already!

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